More Death By Foreclosure

Alexander Higgins

“A man being evicted from his house shot a deputy and a locksmith and then locked himself inside and was later burned alive after police grenaded the house for an hour.

Police say a man shot a sheriff’s deputy and a locksmith when they tried to evict him from his apartment which was being foreclosed on.

Police say the man then locked himself inside the house resulting in a standoff with police during which police flew flash grenades, tear gas and other concussive explosive devices into the apartment for over an hour in an attempt to force the man out.The result of the chaos was a fire during which the man was burned to death.”

After reading this HORRIFIC story, click on this link to watch the “Got Me Surrounded” video; This story brings proper prospective to the message of the “Got Me Surrounded” video. Soles Of Passion wish to convey condolences to the family members of everyone who lost their lives in this totally unncessary nightmare.


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