Mileage Tax – Ultimate Insult

Driver Mileage Tax“No Matter How Much They Take It’s Never Enough”. The Bureaucrat’s answer to every problem is always the same ‘Higher Taxes’. The news that California’s legislators are in the process of trying to implement a ‘Mileage Tax’ based on how much driving anybody in the State does, is in a word ‘chillling’. Presently motorists in California pay 41.7 cents per gallon in State Gas Tax, plus 13% sales tax (plus local taxes). This in addition to the 18.4 cents in Federal Gas Tax per gallon. That’s 60.1 cents per gallon for every gallon of gas pumped everyday (plus built in taxes and local fees). Can you imagine how many dollars this adds up to on an annual basis from all the gallons of gas consumed in the State of California each year. But it’s just not enough.

These funds are suppose to be earmarked for ‘Highway Maintenance’, but as you drive through California it becomes apparent that something’s wrong as the highways and roads are NOT being consistently kept up. Bureaucrats blame the Hybrids and Electric vehicles, as there just isn’t enough gallons of gas being sold to raise the funds needed for highway maintenance. It can’t be from a lack of motorists on the reads, as it’s a log jamb in every direction on every road everyday. Which of course seems like a disingenuous statement when they’re taking $6.10 in Gas Tax for every 10 gallons of gas pumped. If you fill up a 30 gallon tank that’s $18.30 per fill up. Which does not include all the diesel fuel gas tax from all the trucks and Semi’s on the roads (which are countless), and they have huge capacity gas tanks, and get very low MPG.

Govenment Tax TheftThis is NOT just a California problem, once the Bureaucrats get this implemented and rolling in California, it will spread like the plague around the country. They want to implement this new paradigm for taxation because they see the potential for astronomically higher revenue. Under the guise of ‘fairness & necessity’. It almost seems as if they have allowed the highways and roads to deteriorate so as to have a ’cause’ to implement this new tax scheme. They can point their fingers at the sad condition of the State’s highways and roads, and say “We’ve got to do something”. We ask ‘where have all the Billions in Gas taxes already collected gone’?

This whole topic is outlined in a recent article by Phil Matier. Here are some quotes from his Article;

“California is moving closer to charging drivers for every mile they drive. The state says it needs more money for road repairs, and the gas tax just isn’t bringing in enough revenue. The state recently road-tested a mileage monitoring plan. The California Road Charge Pilot Program is billed as a way for the state to move from its longstanding pump tax to a system where drivers pay based on their mileage”

“One idea would be installing devices that would clock your mileage every time you pull up to the pump or electric car charging station. Or put a tracker on every car. The reality is that if you have a smartphone your data of where you are traveling is already in existence”

Never forget we are ‘Taxed Enough Already”!

To Read and Watch The Entire Article by Phil Matier (CLICK HERE)


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