“Shine Your Light On Me Help My Eyes To See, Give Us Hope Down Here In Jurisdiction B”

© Steven Wolfe Crystal Snowbound Songs Lyrics from the Soles Of Passion Song “Jurisdiction B”.

After this week’s economic news and what appears to be further deterioration of our current (and future) well being in this country, I’m compelled to bring the following video link to everyone’s attention to watch and contemplate the reality of the message.

Paste this link into your browser:

Showdown: Dancing Protesters to Face Gestapo at High Noon

I’m not going to say anything further about this Video, speaks for itself, and it is a MUST see If you want a “reality check” about how the First Amendment to the Constitution is being eroded. Do yourself a favor, watch this, take the RED pill.

As the song says, “Give Us Hope Down Here In Jurisdiction B”. we need it!


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