It’s All In The Layers

LAYER CAKE OF TAXES_edited-1A recent article by Catey Hill entitled; ‘45% of Americans Pay No Federal Income Tax’ may sound pretty good to those included in that segment of the population. But, consider these facts;

1.) Tax upon Tax is built into every facet of our daily lives regardless of the Federal Income Tax Bracket anyone finds themselves in. These ‘layers’ of taxes are paid even if you don’t qualify to pay the IRS any Federal Income Tax.  Without going into the Long List of built in taxes here, take our word for it, it’s a long list (just Google “how many tax categories are there”), and you’ll see that more than 200 individual line items of tax categories show up.  This Truth is highlighted in Soles Of Passion’s ‘Tax Slave’ video. And,

2.)  As far as the majority of those folks in this 45% group that are not paying any Federal Income Tax, because they don’t have enough income to qualify to pay any Federal Income Tax. Sure they would prefer to have things differently.  Not sure which is worse; the ‘layers’ of built in taxes that everyone pays 24/7 or the fact that with 94+ Million people without jobs, and the majority of those working have ‘low wage jobs’ are not paying any Federal Income tax, due to the fact that they don’t make enough income to pay taxes. This is a dreadful statement of the condition our condition is in. This really brings into focus the reality that we’re suffering a complete and total Lack of Leadership in this country.


This situation is obviously out of balance and places an unsustainable burden on the other 54% of the folks who are paying Federal Income Taxes. It’s no wonder that the top 20% of income earners who pay over 87% of all Federal Income Taxes are using the 76,000 page IRS codes and offshoring shell games to minimize their tax liability. This whole economic system is in a word “Whacked”. It’s Corrupted beyond repair.

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