IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE (A Reality Check Moment)

This is a “Post” regarding a new film project by Larkin Rose entitled “It Can’t Happen Here”.  All I can say is that every American regardless of political affiliation needs to watch this. This Matters!

This is extremely well done.  Larkin Rose always does a great job of “making his point” in a way that anybody watching will understand.  Larkin has really outdone himself on this project.IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE 1

A perfect factual presentation as to just how “Surrounded” we all are.  It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the daily grind, the 9-5 that we tend not to really pay attention to things in depth that  we should be aware of.  Things are going on out there (and all around us), that need to be observed, contemplated, and absorbed.


The alternative is simply to “Ignore” the facts, and hope that the information  reflected in Larkin’s title of “It Can’t Happen Here” is not that relative; (Let’s pray that is true).  However, when you really get down to it, and pay attention it is obvious that it is already happening here, and there, and over there, etc.IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE 2

I encourage everyone to take the time to watch this flick by Larkin Rose, you will be glad you did.  Remember, knowledge is power.  So become “empowered” by gaining the information and historical perspective to understand what is going on around here.  This film project takes the most important “current events” we are witnessing in real time, and puts them into a historical context.


Perhaps  this is “heavy” subject matter (Yeah it’s pretty heavy subject matter), but unless you are living in  either a cave out in the outback, or in a secured bunker cut off from the daily news and current events, this “reality check” moment that Larkin brings into such sharp focus, has got to WAKE YOU UP.





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