If It’s Free You Are The Product

Privacy LostWe have all ‘opted-in” to amazingly efficient ‘Data Mining’ systems that most assuredly most folks were either unaware or indifferent to the depth and breath of the personal information that would be collected and stored perpectually. We’ve all heard about it, many have read about it, But most of us are in ‘so deep’ with the social networking, cell phones, email, and ‘Smart’ gizmos, we wouldn’t know what to do without them at this stage. So, we just Live With It.

What’s the alternative to having the ‘connectivity’ but without the unwanted Data Mining? That’s the multi-billion dollar question isn’t it. If some tech savy entrepreneurs come up with a communication network and social media platform that would not have all of our personal information Data Mining extraction as part of the system, the number of subscribers would be astronomical. People interested in Not having their personal information extracted on a continuous basis would be willing to pay for a system like that.

The ‘Reality’ of just how out of control things have gotten in this regard is the focus of a movie presented by Wandering Foot Produtions called “The Creepy Line”. The trailer of the movie starts with the following messaging;

“What If Your Whole Life Was Taken Over, Analyzed, And Exploited. And You Signed Up For It. Welcome To The Future, Welcome To Now”

To Watch The Trailer For “The Creepy LIne’ (CLICK HERE)

We hope this movie gets the traction and wide support it deserves.


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