If It Walks Like A Duck…

One of the surefire ‘signs’ that people are living in a ‘State Of Tyranny’ is when those committing the biggest crimes get away with them, and those that report or disclose the crimes being done get punished.

“There Is No Crueler Tyranny Than That Which Is Perpetuated Under The Shield Of Law And In The Name Of Justice” Montesquieu. We’ve seen the perfect example of this reality unfold over the political firestorm that has been ‘raging’ in the USA over the past several years involving the whole ‘Russia-Gate’ hoax, and the covert Email Servers, etc.  Those orchestrating those crimes enjoy their ‘wonderful lives’, while those that exposed the corruption get arrested (Julian Assange).

Presently there are no tanks lining the city streets in the USA, and the blessings of prosperity are prolific and widespread.  But we won’t escape the underlying torrent of the digital ‘Surveillance Grid’ that surrounds us, and the monopolistic fusion of corporate consolidation with government expansion and overreach, constantly  eroding our basic freedoms and liberties ‘bit by bit’. Unless we all ‘Wake Up’.

Imagine the people of China having to live under the ‘Social Credit Scoring’ system that has been imposed upon them by their overlords (CLICK HERE). Imagine this system coming to the USA.

“Let Freedom Ring, Let The White Dove Sing, Let The Whole World Know That Today Is A Day Of Reckoning”


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