Soles Of Passion’s music is distributed by IndiePower, which is part of Jay Warsinke’s group of entities.  Jay Warsinke is the Founder of the IES Fest/event, and it’s 2nd season just concluded today July 11, 2013.

I’m taking this opportunity to veer away from the focus on the usual topics written about in this Blog, to give a big “shout out” to Jay Warsinke and Scott Page for their tremendous efforts to bring all of the talent and entertainment industry brain trust featured on at least 40 separate panels together for this truly inspiring event.  Words cannot convey all the positive things that happened at this landmark event.

While attending and participating in the event it was not my intention to “document” everything that went on, or to try and capture on film everything that went down during the event, as I know the IES team will have covered those bases along the way.

I do have some “insight” as to how complicated it was in staging this event, and just how many “wires” had to be “connected” to make it all happen.  And of course many unforseen curve balls were thrown at the IES team, in real time that were not anticipated. But the IES team fielded the curve balls with professional aplumb and they handled, and embraced those moments of chaos that was thrown at them, so that the attendees were never affected.

In addition to the industry “brain trust” that was continuously over flowing with insight, advice, direction, and stories, IES also gave more than 50 bands and artists the opportunity to perform and “show their stuff” to the IES attendees and the public at several venues spread across the Hollywood area.

I attended a heartfelt and tremendous tribute to Randy Rhodes, the ground breaking guitarist who had such impact on electric rock guitar.  A genuine guitar legend.  Jay organized the Tribute with Randy’s family members, friends, and former band mates, each offering their stories about Randy and his tremendous career.



The last afternoon and night of the IES Fest featured amoung other events, performances by “scores” of bands and artists on the great stage of the famous “El Portal” theater in North Hollywood (CHECK OUT ITS HISTORY HERE).

Scott Page (CEO of the IES Fest), and world renown saxaphone player, and all around music industry pro, orgainized an “All Star” band who performed to the excitement of this musician, and the whole crowd.  These “All Stars” rocked the house contineously during their set, which featured Ellis Hall singing and playing keyboards on so many great songs.




ellis hall with scott page downsize 1

little girl with all stars downsize

 The crowd went wild when these young stars of the show came out singing their hearts out, and doing their original song “Moustache Baby”.

moustache baby downsize

 Way to go Jay, Scott, and everybody connected with IES! This was truly inspirational, and a great time, all at the same time.  What more could anyone who attended ask for, everybody got so much more than they paid for, no doubt about it.


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