Hunger Games Society

Death Of The Middle ClassAre we really headed to the ‘Hunger Games Society’? Some whould say we’re already there now based on the number of people living in their vehicles because they cannot keep up with the dramatic rise in housing expenses. Whole families living and sleeping together in their vehicles on city streets and other urban places that either allow overnight parking, or at least look the other way. This is not a localized reality to a few particular cities, this is happening all across the nation.

Those that are fortunate enough to get access to an RV or Camper type of vehicle are the lucky ones, as at least they have some minimum amenities that are needed to hold life together. However, the vast majority of folks living in their vehicles are probably doing so out of their cars or SUV’s. Making the challenge of holding some semblance of a whole and normal life much more of a challenge. But anyone that has a vehicle of any kind to live in is vastly blessed compared to those living on the streets,under the freeway overpass, and sleeping on the bus stops.

How did it come to this? Money Monster Greed and Cronyism resulting in orchestrated class division, with all the help and assistance in the world from the ‘El-lite’ political class. And the arrows are not pointing in the right direction. There is ‘endless’ funding for blowing things up, but coming up with a solution to solve this problem NaDa. We the people are on our own. Which is how it should be, ‘Self Reliance’ is what this nation was built on. Expanding the Federal Housing projects and more housing vouchers will only serve to expand the ‘Welfare State’, that’s not the path back to prosperity. This whole ‘mess’ represents opportunities to figure out an ‘alternative way of living’; “Revolution Will Bring Solutions, But Not With Guns Won’t Survive The Shootin”.

A recent article by Michael Snyder highlights this issue, he writes;

“If the U.S. economy is really doing so well, then why is homelessness rising so rapidly? As the gap between the rich and the poor continues to increase, the middle class is steadily eroding. In fact, I recently gave my readers 15 signs that the middle class in America is being systematically destroyed. More Americans are falling out of the middle class and into poverty with each passing day, and this is one of the big reasons why the number of homeless is surging”

Life On The Streets“For example, the number of people living on the street in L.A. has shot up 75 percent over the last 6 years. But of course L.A. is far from alone. Other major cities on the west coast are facing similar problems, and that includes Seattle. It turns out that the Emerald City has seen a 46 percent rise in the number of people sleeping in their vehicles in just the past year”

“The number of people who live in their vehicles because they can’t find affordable housing is on the rise, even though the practice is illegal in many U.S. cities”

“The number of people residing in campers and other vehicles surged 46 percent over the past year, a recent homeless census in Seattle’s King County, Washington found. The problem is “exploding” in cities with expensive housing markets, including Los Angeles, Portland and San Francisco, according to Governing magazine”

To Read The Entire Article By Michael Snyder (CLICK HERE)


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