HIP Video Promo Invites You To Watch: Soles Of Passion “Got Me Surrounded”

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Soles Of Passion ignite once again to bring us a fiery and spellbinding new music video “Got Me Surrounded.” Doing what they do best, which is captivating audiences from every music genre, HIP Video Promo is pleased to introduce the newest clip from the release of their new album Bump Me Up.

Bump Me Up includes the same old energetic feels and contemporary sounds that make up Soles Of Passion, but the growth and unique capability of expressing raw emotion and positive energy is highly evident. However, Passion Music LLC has worked with Soles Of Passion on a new project where Soles Of Passion address the nationwide epidemic of Big Business, Evil Banks & Wall Street foreclosing and stealing millions of homes from American homeowners. This rockin’ duo is part of the movement to give all Americans a chance to renegotiate, overcome challenges, and put an end to corruption. They are behind FAF, or the Freedom Assistance Foundation, and the S.O.S. (Save Our Sanctuary) movement of musical concerts. In their latest video “Got Me Surrounded,” Soles Of Passion promotes the power behind keeping the American Dream alive.


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