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Soles Of Passion is proud to announce our “Help A Vet – Get A Song” campaign.  In conjunction with Radio, and the Freedom Assistance Foundation; a non-profit organization. The FAF has set up a Crowd Funding campaign via “” to run the donation campaign. Our mission: to help America’s new homeless victims of wrongful foreclosure – one home at a time. The first one-on-one campaign is for retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Patrick Fagundes, a work-disabled grandfather who was foreclosed and wrongfully evicted.

FAF is donating 100% of all proceeds to Sgt. Fagundes’ legal fund, and as a Thank You for supporting this effort; Soles Of Passion is offering its latest single; “Escape From Jurisdiction B,” as a free digital download. Patrick’s situation is nothing less than a Shameful display of greed, and a living testimony of the legal system run-amok.


Patrick described how after the court allowed his home to go to foreclosure sale, there was a Bankruptcy Petition filed that includes an “Automatic Stay” provision which prohibits any creditors from taking any action whatsoever against the party filing the Petition for a period of time.  The court overlooked the Automatic Stay provision and allowed the Marshals to evict Patrick and his family with less than 30 minutes notice to collect all they could carry of a lifetime of personal possessions and their valuable property.

Patrick was not even given the ability to return to the property and retrieve his valuable personal property left behind as the Marshals oversaw the locksmith change the locks and hand the keys to the new owner who purchased Patrick’s home at the foreclosure sale. With the sole intent to “flip it” for a quick profit.  All of Patrick’s personal and family possessions were “dumped” by the new owner.  Hard to imagine how it would feel to be in that situation.  Patrick did not see this coming as he was assuming the Automatic Stay provision was in place.

Soles Of Passion have taken up this cause to help Patrick to raise funds for his legal case, in his effort to seek remedy for the many transgressions he has experienced from this “heartless” system.

This is People Helping People, from the Bottom Up.  What we believe is the only way things are going to get done in this country in today’s “Brave New World”.

Please jump on this cause with us and help Patrick!  And, get your free download of our HOT new single “Escape From Jurisdiction B” as our Thank You for stepping up.



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