About a MONTH AGO WHEN THE BOSTON “LOCK DOWN AND HOUSE SEARCH” videos and photos started to get posted up of the truth of what was going on back there, I said those scenes reminded me of the classic movie “The Diary of Ann Frank” VIDEO LINK HERE

Now this new story comes in, the live action was filmed by the people’s cell phone in the living room of their home.

The Diary of Ann Frank is truly coming back to life in our own country as this story documents that reality.  This story is truly “shocking, disturbing, and down right horrific”.  When one starts to connect the dots a rational red blooded American has to ask “who are these people”?  What country do they think they live in?  What universe do they come from?

It’s sure not the world I want to live in!  And, I’ll bet the VAST MAJORITY of other Americans feel the same way.

Tazed and Confused

This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com May 15, 2013, and it is a MUST READ, and a MUST WATCH video (only 1:36)



Here are some quotes from the article;

“In perhaps one of the most shocking police brutality videos of recent years, police in Cotati, California respond to a call about “domestic violence” by kicking down the door of a man’s home before tazing him and his wife as they scream in agony.”

“In reality, under Florida v. J.L. (March 28, 2000), “the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that anonymous tips are not sufficient grounds to constitute probable cause for a search. Judge Ginsburg, writing for the Supreme Court, stated, “Such an exception would enable any person seeking to harass another to set in motion an intrusive, embarrassing police search of the targeted person simply by placing an anonymous call.…”

“Who is the victim in this case? It’s not the children, who were peacefully playing in the front yard and in the home. And neither homeowner had raised a hand to the other,” writes Mac Slavo.”

Our hearts go out to the folks that this story is about.



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