Freedom Lost

Amish If you have any connection or lifestyle to or in ‘rural America’, you know that most of the properties have a fair distance to each other. and in many cases access to City utilities may not exist. It’s very common to have septic systems, and yes old school out houses in some cases. Add to that the religious convictions of the Amish peoples, and it’s very understandable they live ‘off grid’. And you know it’s their choice to make, they’re not hurting anyone, or attempting to impose their lifestyle on any body else. That’s why it’s so outrageous to once again see the ‘Black Robed Deities’ imposing their government control agenda onto the Amish family in this case, highlighted by WMD in a recent article.

Turns out this Amish family in Pennsylvania has an old school ‘out house’, they use no water or electricity to do their business in their out house. As a matter of convenience we can’t say that method would be our first choice for this household routine, but the point is, this decision is their’s to make. If their religion mandates this lifestyle, say ‘Amen’ and wish them well. When these Black Robed Deities impose their governance on this Amish family in this manner, not only does it bring this Amish family no justice, it chisels another chip of Freedom away from all of us, yes even those living in the cities, that have no concept of an Amish off-grid lifestyle that hurts no one.

Here are some quotes from the WMD article;

Feedom Of Choice“After a five-year legal battle, a court is forcing an Old Order Amish family to defy their religious beliefs and connect their Pennsylvania home to a public sewer system immediately. Due to religious beliefs, the Yoder family lives without electricity and a modern-day sewer system. Instead, they have an outhouse, or an “old-fashioned privy,” that uses no electricity or running water, The Western Journal reported”

“The dissenting judge, Patricia A. McCullough, said the ruling is a violation of the Yoder family’s rights. “I believe [the Yoders] are being denied their rights to religious freedom,” she wrote.

Even ACLU senior staff attorney Sara Rose agreed with McCullough’s assessment, the York Daily Record reported. Rose said, “The didn’t consider the other ways the government could have achieve its ends”

To Read The Entire WMD article (CLICK HERE)


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