Four Reasons Why Govt Spending Is Even Worse Than Taxes

DOLLAR SWIRLThere are at least 2 sides to everything. In this case the 2 sides are; ‘Taxes’ & ‘Spending’.  The layers of Taxation that everyone endures, which converts a very high percentage of our labor energy into the Govt’s coffers is one side. The other side is the what the Govt does on the spending side.

The spending side which is so eloquently described in the article by Ryan McMaken makes the point that there are 4 reasons why the spending side is worse than than the taxing side.

These 4 reasons are;

Reason 1: There’s no way to rationally allocate tax money

Reason 2: Government spending is not restrained by tax revenues

Reason 3: Spending uses up scarce resources and distorts the economy

Reason 4: Spending creates political dependency and strengthens the state

This last reason No. 4 mirrors the ancient Roman use of “Patronage”, which was the ROMAN & PLEBroutine of Roman senators (usually from elitist Roman families), handing out bread and other “offerings” to the citizens at the front gates of their villas while they were running for the senate. The citizens made commitments to vote for the senator in exchange for the hand outs and promises, (sound familiar?).

To Read The Entire Article by Ryan McMaken (CLICK HERE)




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