This is yet another perfect example of the “Stress, Trauma, and Pain” average Americans are going through due to the Foreclosure Crisis going on in this country.

    “Many suffer due to the Greed of a few”, it’s time to start helping your neigbors, not feeding off their misfortune.

    This story would never have happened if the bank worked things out with the family. They lived in the home making payments for 20 years. True these foreclosure victims could have done a better job of writing their Craigs List ad, and should have been home to mind the store before people started showing up. But, an invitation for breaking and entering was not part of the “ad”, and it’s not part of “THE GOLDEN RULE”. The reality is that families all over the nation have been suffering greatly from the economic downturn, and the “Greed of a few” for many years now on a daily basis. I find myself thinking of John Lennon’s song “Imagine”

    • Imagine – if folks just stop showing up at the foreclosure sales with cashiers checks in hand trying to buy their neighbor’s property, the banks might stop foreclosing.
    • Imagine – if the Marshalls stop enforcing evictions on families recently foreclosed, the banks might try to work things out with their home owner customers instead of foreclosing on them.
    • Imagine – “if all the people, living in the world” started living by the GOLDEN RULE, and started helping their neighbors when they need help, and stopped looking the other way, or even better; stopped trying to take advantage of other people’s misfortune.


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