Fools And Ghouls

The American Taxpayers are contineously played for ‘Fool’s by the ‘Ghouls’ that control the purse strings and budgets of the Pentagon. This is by no means meant to disparage the military or the brave citizens that serve in the armed forces. We are forever humbled by their service and sacrifices. This story does bring into question, ‘Why’ there are any homeless Vets on the streets of America, when all of these Trillions of dollars could instantly fix that problem.

However, these facts open ‘wounds’ that tear at the core of many of the Nation’s problems, from Wall Street to the Pentagon, how much insider/cronyism can the US taxpayers take. The enormity of these numbers are simply beyond our ability to comprehend them. We love our country, but we the people have to find a way to stop the raping and pillaging by those that forever abuse us.

To underscore this point here are a few quotes from a recent article by Andrew Cheetham, that will make the hair on your neck stand up;

Pentagon Looses Track of $6.5 Trillion Embezzled ‘Unaccounted Funds’ at Expense of US Tax Payers

Mission Trillions“Catherine Austin Fitts just published documentation of Department of Defense (DOD) official audit reports from 1998 that acknowledge “losing track” of $6.5 trillion, along with Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) admission of “losing” over $100 billion. This is euphemistically termed “unaccounted,” and literally means that DOD agrees they received these funds, agrees the funds are gone, and then claims to not have records of where the money went…”

“The most common historical explanation of governments “losing” money is, of course, embezzlement to enrich an oligarchy.”

“$6.5 trillion means how much now? • $65,000 per US average household, based upon ~$50,000 annual income. This means if your household’s annual income is ~$100,000, your family was looted ~$130,000. • Embezzling a billion dollars from a US military project 6,500 times. • Embezzling a billion dollars of our tax money every day for 18 years (that’s $10 from every US household everyday).

Please read those three real-world comparisons twice to allow your emotions to feel the outrageous .01% looting of your family.

Will the reins of power ever be wrestled away from those that trive on death, destruction and corruption. Just imagine the positive things that could be done with our labor energy (taxes). (And then there’s the Wall Street corruption, heaven help us all).

To Read The Entire Article By Andrew Cheetham (CLICK HERE)


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