Follow The Money

We are inundated on a daily basis with stories about the ‘Immigration Crisis’. To Wall or not To Wall, women and children putting their lives at risk making the difficult journey to illegally cross our Southern boarder on foot. The plight of the ‘Dreamers’. Caravans forming with ever increasing numbers vowing to ‘crash’ our Southern Boarder. It’s also pretty obvious that the US government could shut all the illegal boarder crossings down at any time if the desire and will to do so was bonafide. After all, the military simply could deploy to our boarder to shut down the illegal immigration rather than getting involved in protecting the boarders of other countries around th world.

So what’s really behind this entire unsavory topic? In our opinion one doesn’t have to look too far for the ‘Truth’.

America was built by ‘Blue Collar’ jobs and workers (literally built), but over the past decades there has been nothing but pressure on America’s youth to obtain a collage ‘Bachelor’s Degree’ otherwise you won’t be able to succeed in this world. The youth have been ‘Brainwashed’ to believe that they have to obtain said collage degree, and the only way to do that is to encumber themselves with ‘Student Loans’. According to Forbes the aggragate level of Student Debt has reached an astronomical level of $1.5 Trillion Dollars (Read Here).

This is where you end up when you connect the dots and ‘Follow The Money’.

The propaganda campaign to ‘Brainwash’ the youth into believing that they cannot succeed in this world without obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree, (Read Here) which plunges them into massive Student Loan Debt. Everybody’s hoping for ‘White Collar’ careers, which is what’s behind the lack of Blue Collar workers.

So we have a large ‘gap’ in Blue Collar workers to fill the Blue Collar jobs that make the nation function on a daily basis. Thus the need to allow the continuous flow of ‘Illegal Immigration’ (Setting aside any political agendas, etc). The whole problem of Illegal Immigration comes into focus when you connect the dots, and realize that like most of the major problems we face in this nation are caused by the over the top ‘Greed’ of the Money Mosters that benefit from the massive amount of ‘Debt’ that has been accumulated.

“Heaven Help Us All”


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