Family Friendly Country Artists Soles Of Passion ‘s single, Cow Girl Bling, featured on Just Vibin’

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Just Vibin’ is an indie artist’s dream website. It is a weekly music blog that provide every music lover the opportunity to listen to up-and-coming indie artists and fall in love with their music. It is an amazing platform for any artist to be on, but a talented duo called Soles Of Passion will be featured on Just Vibin on Monday, March 25.Their newest country music single, “Cow Girl Bling,” premiered on Cool TV March 16th!

In the trailer, SoP’s charismatic front-woman, Myla Snow, can be seen showing off her dance moves. Check out the trailer for “Cow Girl Bling” on YouTube

For those interested in country, alternative and, most importantly, family friendly music, you must check out Soles Of Passion’s debut album “Bump Me Up.” “Cow Girl Bling” is the second single (the first single is “Got Me Surrounded”). You can listen to and download “Bump Me Up” and SoP’s awesome singles on iTunes and on Amazon. To find out more about Soles Of Passion, visit their website.

You can also connect with SoP on Facebook, ReverbNation, and YouTube


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