Don’t Allow Small Minds To Change History

Freedom lostOnly those individuals with ‘Small Minds’ try to force, manipulate and control others to conform to their way of thinking. Their control methods range from brute force and violence, to more subtel and devious methods such as ‘book banning’ and information control. People don’t need to be ‘manipulated’ into recognizing a good idea, they recognize it when they see it or hear it.

If you limit information and ideas that people have access to, then you end up with a culture that’s boxed in, a place that we Freedom Loving Americans cannot relate to, and connot accept. A place where the ‘classics’ are relegated to obscurity, not even given as assignments to students to absorb and learn from anymore. A place where boredom can only be overcome by the non stop interaction with video games and smart phone cyber-loafing.

Books filled with knowledge and adventure no longer part of the ‘everyday’ experience. It should not be up to the ‘Thought Police’ to regulate what information people have access to. If something being said or written rubs somebody the wrong way, they can just stop it, close it, move on to something else. Once the ‘Thought Police start regulating the flow of information based on their agenda, Freedom Of Choice gets eroded.

In an article by Barbara Simpson titled ‘Banning Books And Mind Control: It’s All The Same Thing, she outines the reality of how this is happening all around us.

Here are a few quotes from her article;

Politically Incorrrect“Through the centuries, writers have been censored because some individuals, groups, governments and even churches have disagreed with what was written”

“I have a wonderful – and shocking – book on the subject: “120 Banned Books – Censorship Histories of World Literature” by Karolides, Bald and Sova. The authors look at books suppressed for a variety of reasons: Political, religious, sexual and social. There are many that would surprise you; for example, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

“And yes, “Fahrenheit 451,” “Animal Farm,” and “1984” are on the list. There are many others you would never think would cause a problem; but they have, for a variety of reasons”

“It’s happening again, right now, and it concerns books by an author who has thrilled readers (adults and children) for years because she wrote the stories of her life as she and her family lived it. The author in question is Laura Ingalls Wilder and she wrote a series of nine books about the lives of her family on the American prairie in the 1870’s – the “Little House on the Prairie” books. She wrote of the joys and pains, the work and the pleasures, the problems faced and how they were dealt with”

“She just, as we say today, “told it like it was.” It was different than our lives today, but she wrote about what life was really like for early settlers in the American West. She lived it and wrote of it, the books published between 1932 and 1943”

“Judging by the volume I mentioned earlier, “120 Banned Books,” those books are an array of some of the most important and highly acclaimed books ever published, yet they were banned at some point”

“Consider that the Harry Potter books set worldwide publishing records, yet the American Library Association reports they topped the list of titles targeted for censorship. Also targeted are “Huckleberry Finn,” “The Canterbury Tales,” “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Sophie’s Choice,” among so many others”

To Read The Entire Article By Barbara Simpson (CLICK HERE)


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