It’s such a pleasure to write about something positive! I’m so excited to tell everyone about this book by Daniel Fazzina, untitled; “Divine Intervention”. This book is a testimonial about the author’s personal fight with inoperable cancer.

In the world we live in today, with all of the NEGATIVE energy bombarding us, TOXIC substances in our food, water, and the air, it’s inspiring to read this story. Standing at the edge of the abyss, faced with a situation he could not overcome, Daniel Fazzina had no choice but to surrender his fate into the hands of GOD, and accept the outcome.



Of course Daniel expected MUCH skepticism and probable criticism for telling his story and writing his book. To counter that he “includes medical documentation, X-rays, scans, doctors reports and contact information for the people in the book.”

Here are some quotes from this article; DEVINE INTERVENTION COVER

“In 2002, he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Despite being treated with chemotherapy and other remedies, doctors said he had only three months to live at most.”

“There was a point where I had to realize it was out of my hands. I was a totally broken man,” Fazzina said.”

“When the three-month scan came back in December, it showed no trace of cancer, making it the best Christmas present ever, according to Fazzina.”

“Doctors weren’t sure what to think. Some expressed happiness, some said miracles don’t happen. But one doctor noted that not only did the tumor disappear, it didn’t leave any scar tissue behind.”

“Fazzina recalled what he told God when he first received his diagnosis.”

“I said ‘Lord, if you want to heal me, I will do my best to continue to serve you and to share with the world your goodness, your grace, your love and your power.’”

Keep those POSITIVE  thoughts coming!

CLICK HERE to read this WND source article, and watch Daniel’s short video interview.


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