Denver Post: Soles Of Passion releases ‘Cow Girl Bling’ a dance-inspired music video

Dynamic duo started the Freedom Assistance Foundation to help people experiencing housing foreclosure.

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Soles Of Passion is an alternative country duo from Denver, Colorado that writes and sings country music and political rock songs.

Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow have a lot to say about the current state of our world and don’t hold back with their political rock songs about America, love, hardship and personal growth. Soles Of Passion’s first music video release, “Got Me Surrounded,” was politically influenced and geared toward creating awareness of the suffering of housing foreclosure victims due to the economic crisis and the corrupt financial institutions.

“Cow Girl Bling,” the second release from Soles Of Passion’s “Bump Me Up” album, demonstrates the duo’s ability to create fun country dance songs as well as insightful political rock songs. “Cow Girl Bling” is meant for women and men with a pallet for great dancing music and encourages people to live life how it should be – with bling!

If men know anything about their girl, it’s that she needs bling. Because of the comical truth that fuels the song, it’s a tune that encourages men to look into their girl’s eyes and dance the night away. The dancing in the video was choreographed by Jason Myhre, one of the top dance choreographers in the entertainment industry, whose credits include Rihanna and Janet Jackson. The video for “Cow Girl Bling” exclusively premiered on COOL TV on March 16th.

Soles Of Passion is on a mission to help those who have lost their homes to corrupt financial institutions. Steven and Myla created the The Freedom Assistance Foundation, a non-profit which helps families experiencing foreclosure. They donate a portion of their efforts to the Freedom Assistance Foundation. Every song they create moves their mission forward and brings more attention to the movement, even fun dancing songs like “Cow Girl Bling.” Cow Girl Bling Video: Bump Me Up – Album Streaming/Download Cow Girl Bling – Streaming/Download


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