“Danger Will Robinson, Danger”

Americana You can hear ‘Robbie The Robot’ sounding his warning if you listen hard enough. The warning is submerged in the white noise that comes at us 24/7 via the avalanche of MSM and ALT news data layering. If we just pop our heads up out of the sand and apply a bit of logic and observation you cannot overlook the facts contained in the following headline;

“The Numbers Don’t Lie: We’ve Reached The Point Of No Return On Our National Debt, Meaning A Collapse Is Imminent” From a recent article By: usafeaturesmedia. Reminding us once again that the ‘Central Banker’s’ ability to defy the laws of physics cannot go on forever, and that at some point in the not to distant future, physics will prevail over their alchemy (ie; money printing).

Annual interest cost/debt service on the National Debt has been ranging around $200 Billion/year (due to low interest rates). But debt service expense is expected to rise up to the $800 Billion range in the coming years, once interest rates begin to rise (again). The ‘Point Of No Return’ is at hand. Political News 2016 Here are some quotes from the Newstarget.com article;

“Whatever motivations our elected leaders have regarding the economic disaster they have created, the fact is we’ve already reached the point of no return. As big as our economy is – and it could be even bigger if our regulations-happy president would stop smothering it with massive compliance costs – it is still not big enough to pay off what we owe. We simply don’t generate enough national wealth each year. In fact, our national debt (around $20 trillion) is higher than our annual GDP (around $17 trillion).

Yet, Congress and this president continue to spend money we don’t have – and will never have.

The numbers don’t lie: An economic collapse is imminent, and most of us will see it in our lifetimes.

What follows are nightmarish scenarios of abject poverty, depredation and global chaos. A broke United States means the world loses its cash cow. When U.S. consumers don’t have money to spend because they don’t have jobs, there is no “global economy.” There’s no economy, anywhere.”

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