Crossradar Reviews SOP’s ‘Escape From Jurisdiction B’

Country Music News Check out this great review by Chris at Crossradar of Soles Of Passion’s ‘Escape From Jurisdiction B’ CD.

Here are some quotes from the review;

“Escape From Jurisdiction B manages to capture the essence of the band’s sound, creative and willing to step out from the potential restrictions of country – this is progressive country for sure” Americana “With their own unique brand of progressive country music, Soles Of Passion offer some upbeat and thoughtful sounds on Escape From Jurisdiction B.”

“Lead single ‘Tax Slave’ sees Soles Of Passion flex their political muscles without ever coming across as cloying or trying too hard, while tracks like ‘A Place Of My Own’ and title track ‘Jurisdiction B’ stand up as outstanding examples of the bands sound which remains consistent while willing to try out something different every once in a while.”

To read the entire review (CLICK HERE)


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