Crony Capitalism Is Not Capitalism

CronyismFew things are more offensive than the corrupt ‘Crony Capitalism’ behind these cases where a Government body pulls the Eminent Domain Law on private property, under the guise that it’s in the best interest of the communities ‘economic development’. And then gives the property to their ‘Cronies’ for them to own and develop and make hugh profits. All at the expense of the former private property owners.

These back room deals are made far too often in this country, not only through the ‘eminent domain’ statues, but also in bankruptcy cases and other asset and property liquidation scenarios that play out. We are not living in the former communist Soviet Union, or in a ‘Kingdom’ where all of the property is owned by the Crown, where the King or Queen just disburse property like chocolate drops to those favored in the moment. At the expense of whomever no longer has their favor.

Fortunately, in an article by Bob Unruh, titled; ‘Stop! Government Takes Property To Give To Competitor. He highlights a new SCOTUS case that demands an end to hiding behind the ‘economic development’ claims’. Let us watch what the Black Robed Deities do with this oh so important issue.

Here are some quotes from the Bob Unruh article;

Political Payoff“A case has been submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court that gives the justices the opportunity to stop governments from taking private property and giving it to a “favored” competitor, and then hiding the process under the guise of “economic development.”

“The Pacific Legal Foundation, which repeatedly has won property rights cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, has submitted a friend-of-the-court brief asking the high court to take the case and stop the abuse.”

“Concerns immediately was raised about governments using “eminent domain powers to transfer the property of one private owner to another for ‘economic development’ purposes, without limitation,” the legal team said”

“Violet Dock Port was a privately-owned 75-acre, industrial port facility fronting the Mississippi River in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. It was to berth and service ocean-going ships for the U.S. Navy as well as other commercial operations”

“When the port objected to the expropriation, the Louisiana Supreme Court said it was a “public use. Ostensibly justified as an economic development measure, the taking here transferred a profitable port facility from one private company to another,” the foundation told the Supreme Court in its request that the case be heard”

To Read The Entire Bob Unruh Article (CLICK HERE)


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