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Americana Soles Of Passion wish to thank Shaine Freeman for this;

Soles of Passion are here to showcase the other side of their repertoire. On their previous release, Escape From Jurisdiction B, the band was a lot more political with their message, and a bit more country music inspired. This time we get a pop-rock sound with a country tinge, and a much lighter relationship driven collection of songs.

SONGWRITING: As earlier stated, on Bump Me Up the Soles of Passion opted for a more relationship focused message that will likely appeal to a much broader audience than their previous release. The melodies are well written, catchy, and easy to sing along with while the lyrics are nicely penned. My favorite song is “Hold On,” because the message is very honest and inspiring like some of my favorite Sheryl Crow songs. Soles Of Passion MUSICALLY: The production of this EP is very strong and would work well amongst fans of the Cranberries, Sheryl Crow, and Alanis Morissette. While Bump Me Up is driven by acoustic and electric guitars, the release also has amazing melodic basslines, and great percussive sets. There are a number of great compositions here, but again, my favorite song is “Hold On”. The entire production fits the message and vocal performances to a tee. Great song!

VOCALLY: I enjoyed the vocal performances on this project. The harmonies and lead vocals are awesome and the AutoTune was subtle and complimentary — the way it’s supposed to be. Every element of Soles of Passion’s vocals contain the necessary depth required for hit potential. The tone and delivery is similar to that of the Cranberries, which makes it truly a pop experience worth checking out, if you’re a fan of this sound.

I thoroughly enjoyed Bump Me Up. You should definitely stop by their website and check them out!


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