Country Group Sings for a Purpose

Soles Of Passion is an alternative country band that is on a mission to help shine light on the on-going foreclosure crisis going on today.

The duo Myla Snow and Steven Wolfe, write and preform country music about America and the current economic climate that is going throughout the United States. Their debut album Bump me up is filled with hope, and empathizes with the countless Americans who have suffered from the economic recession and faced foreclosure and eviction as a result of the countless action of the actions of merciful banks.

The country music about America they create inspires people who are in the process of losing, or have already lost their homes to fight back. The Freedom Assistance Foundation (FAF) was created by Soles Of Passion to help those people take action.

The FAF is a non-profit organization that sets Soles Of Passion apart from other alternative country artists. Their political rock songs and country music about America work towards something important – not just a provoking sound, but a cause. Myla and Steven have made it their mission to secure relationships with a network of attorneys to help those stricken by foreclosure. The FAF offers applications for monetary grants made possible by Soles Of Passion’s contributions and others who have joined their groundbreaking movement.

The new video by the alternative country artists also shows Myla’s and Steven’s skills as lively musicians. Myla, with jet black hair, a bowler hat and long legs, controls a raspy forceful voice that not even the merciless financial institutions would dare to cross. Her gestures and utterances give the political rock songs written by her and Steven a breath of life while Steven’s instrumentals give them a unique and catchy flow. Their country music about America is not only politically correct, but invigorating. Steven picks away at the guitar and strums the bass resolutely, intent on advancing the Soles Of Passion’s music and mission. He’s a skillful instrumentalist and lyricist who stands tall and proud of the cause he represents.

Mila and Steven are alternative country artists as well as humanitarians. In addition to creating country music about America and spreading awareness of crooked institutions as Soles Of Passion, they help those who face foreclosure with the FAF. Their political rock songs represent something more than backwards politics as usual. They represent the idea that Americans are more powerful than the institutions that kicked them into the street. Their political rock songs inspire people to fight back and join their cause to resurrect the American’s right to economic fairness. They are alternative country artists who are one of a kind. Not only have these alternative country artists created a unique band, but they have taken an initiative to grow the idea that Soles Of Passion represents with the FAF. The FAF turns Soles Of Passion into something greater than a band that creates political rock songs. It turns Soles Of Passion into a band that is truly passionate about the words they write and empower with harmony.


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