Corporate Feudalism

Life in our modern era is so rich with splendor and innovation. But when you look under the hood you cannot escape the reality that things really haven’t changed that much over the mellennia regarding wealth and power. The structure and social control hierarchy is the same as it’s always been. These days those at the top of the food chain are not called Lords, but rather Central Bankers and CEO’s.

We have a system that for years has disguised the fact that the ‘El-ite’ families and their appointed ‘associates’ control the wealth and power. Their overwhelming wealth and control are no different than the way it’s always been for centuries and millennia gone by. The Feudalistic systems of the past gave no doubt as to the pecking order of wealth and power. The peasants and surfs served their Lords with their ‘labor energy’, and in exchange were given a hovel to live in, and a meager share of the crops they toiled over to survive on, before they ultimately grew ill and tired, and could no longer serve their Lords with their labor energy. Slaves really, without the chains.

In our modern era those at the bottom of the food chain have it much better off than the peasants and surfs in the old Feudal Systems no doubt about it. But our modern day ‘Lords’ capture our labor energy in the form of ‘Taxes’. We are but ‘Tax Slaves’, and don’t kid yourself, that’s exactly what we are. The Lords of our times live like Kings, they reign behind the corporate veils, they make policy. They implement their policies and laws upon ‘We The People’ that the Lords exempt themselves from, and mostly pay ‘NO Taxes’.

This fact is highlighted In a recent article by Pete Dolack titled “Pigs at the trough Big corporations pay no income tax, unlike you”

Here are some quotes from this article;

“Necessary or not, more evidence continues to be delivered. The latest delivery comes courtesy of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, which has found that 60 of the largest corporations in the United States paid no income taxes for 2018 despite earning a composite $79 billion in net income. Worse, these companies actually received $4.3 billion in tax rebates”

“Heading the list is none other than Amazon. Run by the world’s richest person and recently extracting billions of dollars in subsidies in a sweepstakes in which cities across the United States competed to give away the most money, Amazon racked up $11 billion in profits last year and not only paid no taxes but received a rebate of $129 million. A total of 26 companies, including Chevron, Delta Air Lines, Duke Energy, General Motors, Molson Coors and Prudential Financial, reported net income of more than $1 billion while paying no taxes”

“President Trump claimed that his massive tax cuts for corporations would directly result in the average United States household getting an annual increase of $4,000 in wages. That magical figure came from his own Council of Economic Advisers, which further claimed that the $4,000 was a “conservative” estimate. The Council went on to claim that the average U.S. household might see a raise of $9,000”

“Still waiting for that extra $4,000 in your paycheck, aren’t you? Don’t hold your breath” “Wages actually fell two percent, adjusted for inflation, from December 2017 to December 2018, reports the Economic Policy Institute. But it would have been fruitless to wait for the promised largesse. The Communications Workers of America made a gallant effort to get commitments for corporations to pass on the tax savings to their workers, to no avail, the Center For Public Integrity reports”

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