“Control our Eyes, Our Thoughts They Want”
© Steven Wolfe – Crystal Snowbound Songs

Lyrics from the Soles Of Passion song “Got Me Surrounded”, Say a great deal about what is going on in the world right now. Current events over the past week bring this point into sharp focus.

More and more I get the feeling that “we the people” are mostly being treated as if we were “we the mindless herd of zombies”.

It’s as if we are constantly being sold a bill of goods that we know doesn’t total up right when we get to the checkout counter, but we’re suppose to just pay the bill without questioning how it was totaled up. Otherwise we’re the wrong doer’s for asking for truth and clarity.

When you really stop to think about everything that is going on in this country today, ie; the Ponzi scheme of governmental deficit spending, dumbed down public education standards, un employment trauma, rampant illegitimate foreclosure processing while the banks and wall street brokers profit from the very same labor efforts of the tax paying work force, who they are foreclosing on, and on and on……

Our eyes and thoughts must be controlled in ways that most people are unaware, otherwise you would think that people would stand up and just shout “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore” (quote from the film Network).

It is said that “ignorance is bliss”, of course it is just the opposite;bliss is consciousness, consciousness is awareness, awareness leads to freedom, freedom brings peace of mind, peace of mind takes us back to bliss. Ignorance will not get us there.

Let us all Swallow the Red Pill, and change minds.


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