Choose Hope

Hope Hope or Despair? You would think this would be an easy choice to make. But as we’re inundated with a ‘non-stop’ barrage of Negativity in ways we understand and see (if we look), to ways that we don’t see, and don’t understand. It’s far to easy to succumb to the ‘Negative’ side. The bottom line is that when we drop life’s curve balls, our reaction to the miss is our choice to make. Our’s alone no matter how we choose to justify and rationalize it. Understanding that we need to take 100% responsibility for our choices (rather than saying ‘the devil made me do it’) is key.

This quote really hit’s the nail on the head; “The real problem happens when we begin to believe it; when we believe that a bad day or week equates to a bad life. We think things will never change, and soon despair becomes our reality”. So when the wheels come off the bus and we’re faced with a choice of slipping into Despair, or choosing Hope. Choose Hope, and stay positive.

If we could only unite behind our common interests, instead of allowing ourselves to be divided by our differences, imagine the kind of world we would be living in. “I may be a Dreamer, but I’m not the only one” John Lennon.

A very wise man once told me that “Man does not live from day to day, or from moment to moment. We live from Hope To Hope”. When you think about this, you realize just how true it is. Like crossing the river without a bridge, we do it by jumping from rock to rock, until we get to the other side.

Need HopeKeep your Hopes and Dreams Alive (always)!


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