TOP 10 FORECLOSURE STATES. A recent article published by “Market Watch” underscores the hard reality that the Foreclosure crisis is still “raging on”. With all of the other headline news stories we’ve seen over the past couple of months (Hurricane Sandy; Election, Sandy Hook; 2nd Amendment attacks, on and on), the reality of the foreclosure crisis has not been in the news as much, (but the crisis rolls on every day).

The enclosed article from Market Watch brings this nightmare back into focus. The article lists the Top 10 States with the most Foreclosures still going on as;

1. Florida
2. Nevada
3. Arizona
4. Georgia
5. Illinois
6. California
7. Ohio
8. Michigan
9. So. Carolina
10. Colorado

The article sites “RealtyTrac”statistics that show that Foreclosures are down compared to the levels of 2010 and 2011. But then goes on to say that “Foreclosure activity actually increased in 25 states”. “By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them”, taking this classic biblical verse literally, is there any doubt in any one’s mind what color the feathers are of those that continuously Foreclose and Evict tax paying homeowners and citizens of this great nation, instead of finding ways to keep families in their homes? CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE


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