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Government WasteRecently Hip-Hop star Cardi B made the headlines with her frustration about the amount of revenue sharing Uncle Sam was taking from her (taxes), and she let her frustration fly saying “‘I want to know what the f*** you’re doing with my f***ing money”. Cardi B flies into rage over paying 40% in taxes. Painful to work so hard and have such a large amount taken from you ‘involuntarily’ by your Revenue Sharing partner. Soles Of Passion’s ‘Tax Slave’ Music Video highlights the subject of just how much we all pay in ‘Taxes’ over and above the individual tax rate due to the Layers of taxation built into every level of our economic system.

The US congress has been and continues to be on a non-stop ‘Spend Fest’. You could call it ‘Spendzilla’, as the spending just gets bigger and bigger as the years go by. The spending out paces the government’s ‘Revenue’ collections (our labor energy in the form of TAXES), so the Treasury has to sell debt paper to make up the difference (at the tempo of 2 Million Dollars per minute) on top of the Revenue collections. As we keep saying ‘No Matter How Much They Take It’s Never Enough’. The aggregate ‘debt’ total keeps compounding regardless of who’s driving the bus in DC, and it’s pretty obvious that they have NO plan or ability to payoff the debt, it just keeps getting larger and larger.

The Daily Mail caputured Some of what Cardi B had to say in her outburst of frustration, here are some quotes from their article;

Cardi B Tax Rant“It’s tax season, and Cardi B is not a happy camper”

“The New York City native, 25, took to social media on Thursday launching into a fast-paced rant about how she was unhappy at the rate she was being taxed, as well as not seeing any sort of return on her dollar. ‘So you know the government is taking 40 percent of my taxes and Uncle Sam, I want to f***ing know what yu’re doing with my f***ing tax money!’ she said”

“I know you’re not spending it in the damn prison,’ citing meager supplies given to inmates in custody. The Bodak Yellow breakout seemed to grow anxious and impatient as the video went on, demanding answers from the government. She said, ‘What is you doing with my f***ing money? I want to know, I want receipts, I want everything … Uncle Sam I want to know what the f**k you’re doing with my f***ing money!’ The breakout hip-hop starlet aptly captioned the clip, ‘I want to f***ing know WHAT YA DOING WITH MY F***ING MONEY!!!!!”

To Read The Entire Daily Mail Article And View Cardi B’s Video Rant About All Of This (CLICK HERE)

‘No Matter How Much They Take It’s Never Enough’


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