Big Hearts Vs Small Minds

HomelessnessWhen we first heard about this story, our initial reaction was “You Must Be Kidding”. How does a charitable act of a ‘Licensed and Permited’ professional chef preparing food in his own kitchen deserve to have his life shut down for the charitable act of feeding the homeless… One more example of just how far we’ve fallen from grace, when charity becomes criminalized.

Guess having a professional licensed chef preparing food usng industrial grade resturant kitchen equipment for homeless people is a bigger problem than having the homeless people eating out of trash bins and garbage cans. The State’s justification for this raid was to insure the quality of the food was ‘consumable’. The hypocracy and disconnect defies logic.

This story was reported by Matt Agorist, here are some quotes from his article;

“A local chef, who had his food handler’s license was raided by a dozen cops and health department officials who stole all of his equipment because he fed the homeless without a proper permit.

“Decatur, IL — A kind and loving local chef woke up Tuesday morning to a dozen cops and health department officials raiding his home. Khemuel “Chef” Sanders had his business shut down, all of his equipment stolen by the state, and his life ruined because he made food in his home to give to the homeless.

“To be clear, Sanders is a licensed food handler. He paid the government for the privilege to handle food, however, he was doing it in a manner which they disapproved.

“The raid has left Sanders a broken man and in a Facebook post Wednesday night, we can see just how broken.

“I’m at the point I’m praying God please please take me,” Sanders wrote.

“Sanders filmed part of the raid and in the video, we can see a large yellow truck backed into his driveway as the ‘heroes’ from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office and the Health Department steal this otherwise innocent man’s livelihood for daring to feed the homeless and make a living without the proper permit.

Lost Along The Way“It’s a health issue with people consuming foods,” said Lt. Jamie Belcher. “[The Health Department] wants to make sure the food is actually consumable.”

To Read The Entire Article by Matt Agorist (CLICK HERE)

‘Heaven Help Us All’


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