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We The PeopleIt’s hard NOT to be caught up in the frenzy of Fake News, more news on top of more news. Who knows what to believe. This barrage upon our perceptions is not an accident or simply a coincidence. It’s by design, and it’s meant to distract and confuse us, and make us nervous and unsettled. The masters of propaganda are very good at what they do. With all the contradictions we’re bombarded with, it’s a wonder we can even remember how to tell time.

But, there is one Amazing event that has happened recently that went down ‘Behind The Noise’. The State of Missouri has voted to become the 12th state in the union to call for another convention to Amend The US Constitution. The Missouri vote meets the threshold of the number of states needed to hold such a convention; 1/3 of the necessary 34 applications for Article V are now on record. You would think this would be Headline News (instead of all the perpetural white noise & BS we’re hit with 24/7).

Why is this important, and what was the Missouri State legislature’s motivation for doing this? A recent article by Paul Bremmer clarifies this;

Constitutional Convention“Missouri has become the 12th state to pass legislation calling for an Article V Convention of States that would propose constitutional amendments to rein in the federal government”

“Keith Carmichael, state director for COS Project Missouri, celebrated his organization’s victory in the Show Me State. “Many Missourians, including a clear majority of the members in the Missouri House and Senate, have concluded that we as citizens must act now to save ourselves from a federal government that has grown far beyond its constitutional limits,” Carmichael stated in a press release”

“It is past time for the states to come together as Article V of our Constitution provides in order to propose solutions in the form of amendments. We must quickly come to grips with the real crisis we have created – a ‘house of cards’ we call the national debt and the immorality of forcing it upon future generations – plus interest! We should honor our Founders, who gave us Article V and expected us to use it. Article V is a remedy – a rudder that needs to be used now to steer America back on course. It is in the Constitution for this exact time”

Motivation“Former Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., now serves as a senior adviser for the Convention of States Project. He argues for the necessity of an Article V convention in his new book “Smashing the DC Monopoly: Using Article V to Restore Freedom and Stop America’s Runaway Government.” From his perch as a member of both the House and Senate, he came to realize Washington did not have the answers to the country’s problems. “After sixteen years in Congress, it became chillingly clear to me that the constitutional safety feature in Article V had become necessary,” Coburn writes in the introduction to his book. “Only the people could restore American ideals. Washington politicians could not and would not save us. Our steady delegation of power to and unhealthy dependence on our national government had lowered us to this condition”

To read the entire article by Paul Bremmer (CLICK HERE)

“Heaven Help Us All”


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