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sop-circle-logoSoles Of Passion is a progressive musical duo that writes and sings both Country and Rock music about America and American Politics. This small but mighty band of two delivers a captivating blend of Country and Rock by infusing their music with a bit of Pop! Soles Of Passion band members Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow have a lot to say about the current state of our world and they don’t hold back with their musical statements about America and her politics. They also write and sing about love, hardship and personal growth. This talented duo is inviting and uplifting and creates music you can relate to and a sound that makes you dance

The freshmen singles of Soles Of Passion’s debut collection creates a welcoming fusion of exciting songs from their individual and diverse pasts that appeals to all age groups. The first track, Bump Me Up, is an inspirational Progressive Country Song meant to keep your spirits high when life gets you down.

myla-no-textMyla’s love and vast experience of dance along with formal vocal training under industry’s best Kathleen and Seth Riggs, and Valerie Morehouse, produces an alluring and fluid voice that is her own. Her gift of dance resonates through her singing as at times her songs seem to dance. SOP’s range is shown further in Got Me Surrounded which is a Political Rock Song done Country style that tells a story tied directly to the SOP’s mission to help victims of foreclosure. Myla’s vocal talent to carry such powerful Political Rock Songs is equally matched by her band mate Steven’s electrifying bass playing.

steve-no-textSteven writes these eclectic songs and although his resume of taking Asia by storm, appearing on the cover of Billboard Magazine (The Toys) along with band mates and iconic drummers, Doane Perry (Jethro Tull) and Bruce Gary (The Knack) have earned him respect and recognition amongst his peers, Steven wanted a new way to hone his craft and express himself.
It is surprising to some that Steven has re-entered the music world as an Progressive Country artist and writer. However, inspired and fueled by legendary songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller’s offerings of encouragement and enthusiasm for his talents, along with praise from multiple Grammy award wining arranger Jimmie Haskell (whom Steven worked with) he was looking for the opportunity to create something different and exciting.

sop-circle-logoAlong with Myla’s amazing talent, Steven made the decision to branch into this new musical genre and form Soles Of Passion, a call not to be missed. A call worth taking indeed! On My Own is a polished love song reminiscent of a James Bond theme with an Progressive Country Band flare. Every song on their first CD “Bump Me Up” has is unique fusion of Progressive Country Music, Pulsating Guitar Rock, Polished Funk-Pop, infectious melodies, laced with a fullness of emotions and stories with a personal message.
Fans, artists, and industry insiders are lining up from East Coast to West Coast with heartfelt compliments for SOP. These fresh Progressive Country artists establish their own identity in a manner that makes you want to get up and move or inspires you to get up and do something about it with their complex sound that is a bit Country, a bit Rock, a bit Pop, a bit Progressive…

A Bit Different

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