American Exceptionalism

Is it any wonder that people around the world are willing to risk life and limb to come to the USA. Our nation has always offered its citizens unequaled opportunities, freedoms, and above all ‘Hope’.  In spite of all the corruption and negativity, it’s Hands Down that people of this land are ‘Blessed’ to live here.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that the ‘El-lites’ that have managed to corner astronomical wealth and power through Corporate Feudalism, Crony Capitalism, and other insider manipulations have done so at the expense of our Free Enterprise system, taken advantage of and our natural trust and goodwill instincts.  There is ‘Blow-back’ to the perceived corruption, as people have less of a sense of ‘opportunity’. The vision of the ladder of prosperity to the ‘American Dream’ has been tarnished.  Caused by the incredible wealth gap that has been created along with the dollar’s devaluation.

The resentment to the ‘El=lite’s’ manipulations is manifesting and fueling the call for Socialism.  Which of course is not going to fix anything, but most definitely will ‘lock-in’ and cap the opportunities for everyone under the false promise of more ‘equality’. This is not what the United States represents, this is not the path to a better life. It will lead to a dark place with few windows of opportunity, as Socialism has always failed  wherever it has been enacted in earnest.

To underscore  this point, here are some quotes from Rush Limbaugh about this very topic;

“The history of human existence is one of tyranny, bondage, slavery. That’s what’s exceptional about the United States. We’re the first nation so constituted in the history of the world, in the history of humanity. It’s hard to realize. It’s hard to comprehend because we’ve been born into this country and surrounded by its loving embrace that contains the opportunity for prosperity and happiness and contentment, so much so that those are objectives”

“But most human beings who’ve lived on this planet didn’t have time to dream or focus on happiness because staying alive, finding food every day was object number one. Staying out of political prison, stay free of oppressive governments, it’s been the circumstance for the vast majority of human beings alive on the planet at any one time. And it’s true today”

“Yet while living in this country and benefiting from all of the opportunity and all of the prosperity, you cannot find a time in our nation’s history where there have not been a sizable percentage of people who hate it and look to the gulags around the world and think that’s the answer. Yet it’s never worked. There isn’t a socialist nation on earth with a prosperous, free, and growing population. There certainly isn’t a communist nation on earth that gets anywhere near any of that. And yet it remains a great allure. It remains a great attraction”

“So you start asking, how does this happen? How can eyewitness evidence fail to register? How can one not see the literal disaster of Venezuela? Do you know what’s going on in Venezuela now? The government is literally shooting people. Guess what happened five years ago? Five years ago the citizens were forced to give up their guns, five years ago. Now they’re being shot by the government, trying to keep order. What are the people of Venezuela trying to do? Get food! They are an oil, or were, an oil-rich nation”

To Read The Entire Piece By Rush Limbaugh (CLICK HERE)

Let Freedom Ring!


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