A Crisis Of Confidence

CrisisWhat we have here is “A Failure To Communicate”. People seem to be spending too much time ‘yelling’ at each other, rather than listening to each other’s concerns, and trying to see things from the opposite point of view. This is not a coincidence in our opinion. This is a concerted effort to distract our collective attention away from the very real and present danager of a fiscal calamity of astronomical proportions.

Rather than falling prey to the culture war narrative pushed 24/7 upon us by the MSM, let’s focus on something that has the potential to Right this ship called the USA, that’s obviously taking on too much water to stay afloat. It’s the ‘Article V’ convention to make some extremely needed Amendments to our Constitution. At the top of the list; A Balanced Budget Amendment.

To those who are unaware of this, a recent article written by Greg Corombos will help to clarify this issue;

Balanced Budget“Article V of the Constitution allows for amendments through a convention of two-thirds of the states proposing changes that would then need to be ratified by three-quarters of the states. Currently, 34 states would need to get on board to force Congress to call a convention and 38 states would need to approve any proposed amendments”

“Before our constitutional convention, everything was decided through a convention like this,” said Coburn (former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn), who points out George Mason insisted on the inclusion of the convention of the states option after pointing out no government in history has ever given back power to the people”

“The current push for a convention of the states calls for three amendments: one to balance the budget, one to rein in the reach of the federal government and one to limit the length of terms in the House and Senate. Since 1995, no balanced-budget proposal has come anywhere close to passing, and Coburn says that should come as no surprise”

“They don’t want to balance the budget, because then they have to make hard choices, then they have to be accountable to their electorate. If the electorate doesn’t like the choices that they made, they’ll replace them. It’s an insurance policy if I don’t have to have a balanced budget, said Coburn”

“The easiest thing in the world is to spend somebody else’s money, and that’s what they do every day. They spend our grandchildren’s money because we’re certainly not spending our own right now, said Coburn”

“Coburn cited a recent poll showing 86 percent of Americans don’t trust the federal government. He said that places America in a crisis that returning power to states and locales can help to address” Truth

“When you quit trusting the central authority, then you will no longer follow its will. That’s called anarchy,” he said. “So we have to take back our freedom. We have to re-establish the rule of law and make sure it’s followed. But also it has to have the integrity of the central government in terms of a limited federal govern”

“Ultimately, Coburn believes the success or failure of this campaign will depend upon the courage to do what has to be done”

“Do we have the moral structure with which to make these hard decisions for the future or do we just let this train run out of control down the mountain? That’s the real question, Coburn said”

To Read The Entire Article By Greg Corombos (CLICK HERE)


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