7 Years Later

Fukushima 7 Years LaterIn the midst of all the Political firestorms this headline shows up; “Seven Years Later Fukushima Radiation Levels Spiking to Lethal Levels”. All of a sudden the nightmarish facts and stories associated with this disaster come back to the forefront. It’s like what the heck have they been doing for the past 7 years to mitigate this disaster? Obviously things have Not been under control as the MSM has reported it to be. Of course this story ‘rarely’ gets any face time in the news, so it becomes forgotten quickly as all the other ‘talking point’ storIes pile on month after month.

A very sobering dose of reality to find out that this disaster is actually getting worse not better. One thing that is universally hard to dispute is the fact that this is NOT GOOD. Exactly how NOT GOOD it is the million dollar question. Controlled media pretends it’s no big deal, ‘don’t worry, be happy’. The alternative media spends the majority of its facetime fencing with the far-left media over absurd political positions, and the Oligarchs in control of the financial markets just keep bloating and bubbling.

Out Of ControlMeanwhile this situation appearantly impacting the quality of life in so many ways just rolls on. Here are some quotes from a recent article by Andrew Cheetham regarding this mess;

“Some seven years after the disaster at Fukushima, there is a new crisis at Fukushima, and TEPCO, the energy company responsible for the failed nuclear plant, has issued a statement warning of lethal levels of radiation now detected at the plant”

“TEPCO reportedly made this discovery last month in a reactor containment vessel, signaling that attempts to locate and remove spent fuel rods has failed. The situation is apparently more dangerous than ever, as noted by the Independent”

“The first impact on our health from a failure to contain this disaster will be a sharp rise in the increase of cancer for those nearest to Fukushima, including Tokyo, and for those down river of the flow of contaminated water being pumped into the Pacific. This means the northwestern coastal regions of North America”

Tepco Fukushima LiesTo Read The Entire Article By Andrew Cheetham (CLICK HERE)


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